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Sacro-Occipital Technique

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Sacro-Occipital Technique entails a chiropractic approach that centers on adjusting the connection between the sacrum and occiput. Its primary objective is to reestablish a functional rapport among the head, pelvis, and spine. According to SOT principles, the pelvis serves as the cornerstone for spinal alignment, acting as the central stabilizing structure that links your upper and lower body while upholding the weight of your spine and shoulders.

By scrutinizing how your occiput, located at the uppermost part of your spine, interacts with and deviates from your sacrum, situated where your spine intersects with your pelvis, we can derive profound insights into the functioning or dysfunctions of your entire body.

Addressing imbalances through S.O.T. entails the utilization of personalized blocks or wedges. These aids maintain your pelvis in optimal equilibrium, thereby accentuating any imbalances within the spine and other regions. This heightened awareness enables your chiropractor to effect notable enhancements to your body's systems through minimal adjustments and corrections.