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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy & Infants

Expertly treating pain in the Scarborough, ME area

Dr. Meg and Dr. Carroll are both mothers to multiple children and hold a deep understanding of the extra care expecting mothers and newborns need. They’ve had the privilege of working with many expectant and new mothers over the years, even being present for the birth of many, giving the newborn their first adjustment day. They are passionate about helping women have an ease in pregnancy and birth through greater health and chiropractic assistance.

New and expectant mothers experience immense biomechanical and neurological changes and strains. Moms and newborns go through incredible physical and mental strain from gestation to the birth process. Holistically treating you and your baby’s health through chiropractic care is an important method for supporting your body’s natural ability to carry a child, recover from birth quickly, and set both you and your child up for success in wellness for the rest of your life together.