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Extremity Adjusting

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While the spine serves as the primary conduit, the Central Nervous System extends its reach into the Peripheral Nervous System, which courses through and around all limbs. Enhancing overall biomechanics, the practice of adjusting extremities helps prevent exacerbation of spinal issues and lowers the recurrence rate of subluxations. All components and functions of the body are interconnected via the central nervous system, underscoring the importance of maintaining unobstructed pathways for optimal operation.

The interplay between the CNS and PNS constitutes an incessant feedback loop, ensuring continuous communication and support to the body. Through extremity adjustment, attention is directed to regions beyond the spine, addressing joint systems in the arms, legs, fingers, and toes. This intervention maximizes the range of motion and alleviates rigidity in constricted or immobile joints.

Your body possesses innate intelligence and diligently safeguards itself against harm. In cases of injury or weakness, the body initiates protective measures, which often lead to compensation. Consequently, subluxations, tension, and undue stress can accumulate in otherwise healthy areas. Extremity adjustment empowers the body to better withstand strain and averts stress from impacting robust systems.