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Why Pediatric Chiropractic?

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Children these days face an array of everyday stressors, from school to social media, cyber bullying, peer pressure, and information overload. Changing family situations, loss, grief, illness, and injury all greater attribute to levels of stress in a young body. A developing brain is weakened by stress, and the onslaught of toxic stress can lead to problems in behavior and physical and mental health. This type of stress can also decrease the size and affect the function of regions of the brain responsible for memory, learning, and executive function. Our brain-based approach to chiropractic focuses on supporting body systems to better adapt to these types of stressors which overtax the nervous system and affects overall health.

Despite the numerous outside stressor’s children face, they’re also burdened with the weight of their most important job: developing into a healthy adult. The insurmountable stress that puberty puts on young people is only multiplied by environmental, family, and school stress. Kids who are exposed to these types of stressors are more likely to suffer from physical and mental ailments such as frequent ear infections, inadequate sleep or nightmares, depression, and anxiety.