Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy & Infants

Dr. Meg and Dr. Carroll are both mothers to multiple children and hold a deep understanding of the extra care expecting mothers and newborns need. They’ve had the privilege of working with many expectant and new mothers over the years, even being present for the birth of many, giving the newborn their first adjustment day. They are passionate about helping women have an ease in pregnancy and birth through greater health and chiropractic assistance.

New and expectant mothers experience immense biomechanical and neurological changes and strains. Moms and newborns go through incredible physical and mental strain from gestation to the birth process.  Holistically treating you and your baby’s health through chiropractic care is an important method for supporting your body’s natural ability to carry a child, recover from birth quickly, and set both you and your child up for success in wellness for the rest of your life together.

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Pregnant mothers face a beautiful challenge ahead of them, from gestation to birth, we are experts at supporting mom and baby through the inevitable structural and hormonal changes. Our goal in treating expectant mothers is simple, an easeful birth process for all involved. We take our time to learn mom’s birth plan, we stay up to date with baby’s progress and ultrasounds, and even involve spouses or partners into the education aspect of prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care. Our focus is on mom’s health, wellbeing, and keeping her body strong and vital to grow and deliver a healthy baby. When a mother’s blood pressure and blood sugars are regulated, her ligaments are strong, and her structure is aligned, she is set up much more successfully for an easeful pregnancy and delivery. 

We support baby as they grow in the womb and continue that support during the essential time just after birth. Our doctors use the Webster Method as part of a breech protocol if needed. We assure baby’s optimal position and presentation, and help mom maintain uterine tonality which correlates to baby’s muscle tone as they develop. The birthing process puts an immense amount of stress on both mom and baby’s body. Chiropractic adjustments for newborns help align the head, neck, and shoulders that hold tension from their entrance into the World, but also help them adapt to life outside mom’s womb and form vital neuro-mechanics which lead to a healthy childhood. 

Our position in being the facilitators in your health using chiropractic remains the same in this miraculous stage in life. We are committed to helping you create healthy new habits and allow the body to rebound from trauma using its innate intelligence. With an intentional and collaborative approach to wellness, we often utilize our many other facets of health located at our wellness center, Oasis, to further support expectant mothers. Acupuncture can help baby positioning, Reflexology is a wonderful tool to de-stress, bring life back to tired feet, and indirectly ease tension in other areas of the body, and Prenatal massage is essential to blood flow and muscle tone during pregnancy. We are deeply passionate and excited to see you through this amazing time.


One of the most powerful chiropractic tools for helping pregnant women with a risk of breech birth is called Webster Technique. Webster technique is a complete subsystem of chiropractic care that focuses entirely on sacral analysis and diversified adjustment.  By making bio-mechanical adjustments to the pelvis, Webster Technique can enhance neuro-biomechanics in individuals.1 This style of adjusting substantially eases the added weight of bearing a child, and helps to reduce complications of carrying a child to term.

Another technique aimed at supporting the biomechanical challenges of expectant and new mothers is Sacro Occipital Technique (often shortened to S.O.T.).  This technique focuses on assessing and treating its namesake body parts, the pelvis and occiput.  With very gentle adjustments, S.O.T. is an extremely calming and relaxing chiropractic treatment for improving pelvic health and clearing the nervous system’s patterns. As the childbearing process advances, moms can feel uncomfortable and sensitive, this technique allows doctors to use gentle adjustments with powerful results. 

Benefits and Expectations

As in all chiropractic work, the benefits lie in reclaiming your vitality and integrating new, healthy patterns into the rest of your life. During and after pregnancy, we aim to see moms through a healthy gestation, an easeful birth experience, and a productive recovery with the aid of chiropractic adjustments. Benefits to newborns are insurmountable. Aligning and clearing tension in the head, neck, shoulders, and spine after birth canal passage makes baby much more comfortable and able to adapt to the outside environment. There are many studies relating atlas (base of skull) subluxations to SIDS. By clearing these subluxations and allowing optimal Central Nervous System function from day one, we are setting baby up for a lifetime of health from the inside out. Chiropractic care for infants, babies, and toddlers encourages healthy immunity, reduces the onset of ear infections and colic, aids in breastfeeding, and supports healthy digestion. 

Our goal as your partners in chiropractic is to aid you in avoiding unwanted, invasive interventions and maintain your health and wellbeing naturally, using the innate intelligence and capability that already exists within you to carry out a healthy pregnancy. When you come seeking a partnership in your pregnancy, we assess your situation as unique and individual without making assumptions or limiting the potential for an optimal outcome. We make sure we understand your complete health history, goals and wishes, and establish a collaborative plan for your care. We make sure that you feel in control of your treatment and your body and provide you a safe space with like-minded people who share many of your experiences.  Together, we not only bring your beautiful child into this world but help them thrive from the start. 

Subluxation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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