The Techniques We Use

There are many different techniques within chiropractic, and we are conversant with several of the most effective techniques out there. Here we want to offer you a full overview of the techniques we offer, how we might use them to treat you, and what to expect if we do.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

This technique takes into consideration the tension and disruptions to nervous system function that occur peripherally to the spine, rather than focusing directly on the spine itself.  This helps us to assess aggravating secondary factors, patterns of mishandling stress and tensions, and redirect those patterns into healthier, more stable configurations that won’t require constant readjustment.  By training your nervous system to respond to stress in ways that don’t rekindle your subluxations, Network Spinal Analysis supports your well-being by introducing positive habits that eliminate old stubborn patterns of dysfunction.
NSA adheres to the main goal of chiropractic which is allowing your nervous system’s innate ability to communicate and coordinate the actions of your body by disentangling your body’s subluxations. Network Spinal Analysis addresses the underlying patterns that have caused these subluxations to occur and reoccur and teaches your body to better handle stressors so interferences don’t continue.
This technique primarily consists of gentle palpitations of the soft tissues and areas of tension around the spine. These maneuvers locate areas of tension and redirect the attention of your nervous system towards calming, stable areas, thus releasing the tension that has caused your musculoskeletal system to become subluxated.

Bio-Geometric Integration (B.G.I.)

BGI was founded and developed by Sue Brown, DC. She has written an in-depth article on the technique here but we’ll give you the gist. This technique is based in the knowledge that energy both surrounds us and lives within us. Life experiences can lead to this energy becoming “stuck” or unable to be processed. This unprocessed energy builds up and is stored within us and can lead to symptoms of discomfort, health challenges, or an overall sense of internal imbalance. BGI allows chiropractors to work with this energy and its relationship to the body, facilitating the body in a very gentle way to enable it to process this energy, relieve manifestations of tension, and support both emotional and physical healing.

Diversified Chiropractic Technique

This is the foundation of most chiropractic treatments worldwide.  This technique involves the adjusting of the spinal column and limbs and has several primary mechanical objectives: repairing joint dysfunction, restoring spinal alignment, and enhancing mobility. Diversified Technique utilizes a combination of paramount chiropractic techniques, enabling doctors to achieve greater nervous system communication through the spinal column and improve the flow of information to other body systems. Diversified Technique is a direct means of treatment for acute pain in the neck and back, headaches, rib and torso pain, nervous system conditions, and general injuries. This is the type of adjustment that most people imagine when thinking of a chiropractor, producing the “crack” sound, which is simply the release of gasses built up in the spine and adjacent joints. 

Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.)

Sacro-Occipital Technique is a method of chiropractic adjustments that focuses on the relationship between the sacrum and occiput and aims to restore a functional relationship between the head, pelvis, and spine. According to SOT, the pelvis is the foundation for spinal alignment as it is the central supporting structure tying your upper body to your lower body and supporting the full weight of your spine and shoulders. By analyzing how your occiput (the very top of your spine) relates and deviates from your sacrum (where your spine meets your pelvis,) we can gain a deep understanding about the function or dysfunctions of your body as a whole.
Treating imbalances with S.O.T. involves using custom blocks or wedges, that keep your pelvis in perfect balance, making imbalances in the spine and other regions more obvious, and allowing your chiropractor to make substantial improvements to your body’s systems with very minimal adjustments and corrections.

Extremity Adjusting

While the spine is the main channel, the Central Nervous System extends into the Peripheral Nervous System which travels in and around all limbs. By improving general biomechanics, extremity adjusting helps avoid aggravating the spine and reduces the recurrence of subluxations. All body parts and systems are connected through the central nervous system, keeping all pathways clear is essential for optimal function.  The CNS and the PNS are in a constant feedback loop, always communicating and supporting the body. Extremity adjusting works on areas outside and around the spine clearing joint systems in arms, legs, fingers, and toes. Adjusting the limbs and extremities maximizes the range of motion and eases stiffness in limited or frozen joints. 

Your body is innately intelligent and works very hard to protect itself from injury, or once injured, starts protecting the affected area through compensation. When your body compensates for injury or weakness, subluxations, tension, and unnecessary stress begins building in healthy areas. Extremity adjusting allows the body to be more prepared for strain and keeps stress away from healthy systems.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape, often referred to as K-Tape or KT Tape, is an elastic joint and tissue supporting tape designed to stretch and move naturally with your body by lightly adhering to the skin.  Rather than trying to immobilize an injured joint, K-Tape acts to maintain balance in muscles and adjoining tissues. Kinesiology tape is designed to allow blood and other body fluids to move freely around injured muscles or joints to promote healing and not limit range of motion.


This is an excellent tool for maintaining healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, facia, muscles, and even lymph or circulatory systems. KT Tape draws bodily awareness to the location and helps the body naturally heal, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and decrease inflammation without any need for a pharmaceutical intervention. Many people can benefit from KT Tape such as hard laborers, people who sit at a desk for long periods, athletes, people with arthritis, or those who have been injured. 

What to Expect

You may experience any combination of these techniques throughout your care at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center. You can be certain, however, that we carefully consider all elements of your medical history, current physical condition, and health goals before deciding on the perfect combination of therapies with you.

Most importantly we make sure that you are an informed partner in your health, that you feel comfortable and confident in the treatments you receive, and that your journey to optimal wellbeing is actualized through care here.

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