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Our commitment to your health reaches far beyond your adjustments. Often, therapeutic massage is a perfect addition to your health care journey. Not only can you do that right here at CFWC, you will be in the hands of the best of the best. You needn’t be a CFWC practice member to take advantage of this wonderful service.

Macky Page, LMT     Nichole Miller, LMT
Jocelyn Giammarino, LMT

Massage Menu and pricing (Click to view)
30/60/90 minute massage: $45/$75/$100

Prenatal massage 60/90 min: $70/$100

120 minute massage: $140

Hot stone (90 min only): $125

Face/head/neck (30 min): $45/ add on $30

Dry Brushing (30 min – for your skin and lymphatic system): $45/add on $30


Macky Page, LMT  

Macky Page, LMT

I am passionate about integrating the benefits of massage into regular preventative care. To this end, I use a variety of modalities to achieve your personal goals. Every session will be tailored to what you want and what your body needs. You already know that your body instinctively wants to maintain balance and healthfulness. My goal is the give your body more room to live within itself, (a concept called joint spacing), so it can do just exactly what it strives to do – heal itself. (The formal name for this is homeostasis – “the tendency of a system to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.” How’s that for a mouthful!?) I graduated in 2012 and am full of passion for your well-being. I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy/Infant Massage, and reflexology. Don’t know what any of this means? No worries, we’ll do exactly what is right for you! And, to allow for the greatest flexibility to meet your needs, the fee is the same regardless of the specific modalities I use.

I am pleased to have added Thai Massage and private yoga sessions to my offerings to help your achieve optimal health and well-being.

Let’s give your body room to thrive!


Reiki Therapy with Macky: $75/$90


Nicole Miller, LMT

Nicole Miller, LMT

Nicole Miller, LMT

A special message to CFWC Practice Members: I have been a massage therapist in many unique, diverse and alternative settings, but I have never experienced having the opportunity to massage people so ready in mind and body to heal and take care of themselves as I have here. It has been my honor and pleasure to become part of this wellness center.

If we have the pleasure of working together, I provide an intuitive deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Incorporating your body’s direction for me, and basic Eastern theories of trigger point therapy and acupressure, I help you and your body release blocked and stuck energy. Not only does the body receive much needed caring attention but it’s amazing the things that come to light when we let ourselves deeply relax for an extended period of time in a safe environment. Working with the wonder of regeneration and adaptation that the body is, together we can find what you may not even know you’re looking for.

In addition to regular 60 or 90 minute massages, I now offer a 30 minute neck, head, and face massage @ $30, if added to your massage or $45 as its own appointment. This special focus is designed for relief of headaches, jaw and neck pain. By providing these more detailed areas extra time and attention, we can reach a deeper level of release.


Jocelyn Giammarino, LMT

Jocelyn Giammarino

Jocelyn Giammarino, LMT

With my Native American background, I integrate spiritual grounding energy into all of my massages. I specialize in deep, therapeutic techniques that relieves pain and enhances an overall sense of wellbeing.  I received my Associates degree in Massage Therapy in 2010, when I was recognized and awarded The Healing Hands Award. I recently completed my Bachelors in Health Science with a minor in Holistic Health and Integrative Therapies, and I am currently working on a Master’s in Occupational Therapy.   At Oasis I feel centered, grounded, and at home.          


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