Partnership Approach

PartnershipChiropractic care at CFWC is a partnership approach to better health. Part of your recovery is based on what we do, and the other part on what you do:

Our JobYour Job
See you as a person, not a condition… Desire health and see us as partners in your health care
Respect your privacy and your time… Keep your appointments
Provide a comfortable office setting… Help us maintain this environment for all.
Honor your individual health goals… Honor our experience and expertise
Explain our procedures and findings… Ask questions
Monitor and report your progress...Expect and notice results
Refer to other specialists as needed… Stay optimistic
Show you ways to get and stay well… Follow through and seek answers
Charge a fair fee for our services… Have integrity on all our financial dealings
Offer state-of-the art chiropractic… Tell others about your experience with us

We are ready to partner with you to foster a lifetime of health and well-being.