Meet the Team

Gin and Melissa are an integral part of your experience here at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center. Not only will they greet you warmly each time you come through the door and make sure all the details tended to,  they are an incredible source of information and education about your health care. If fact, you might be surprised to know that when Dr. Meg and Dr. Carroll go to educational conferences, Gin and Melissa go too. Yes, this is a team gathered just or you!

Gin Micucci, Chiropractic Assistant

Gin Micucci has been with CFWC since 2003 and she absolutely loves her job! Seriously! Greeting you and helping you to maximize your health and happiness is the best. The mother of three, she also loves walking and embroidery.  She is an integral part of the team and keeps us together. As she says of her work: “Where else can you have fun with so many people every day and help them get healthier and healthier?”



Melissa Burgess, Chiropractic Assistant

Melissa also joined CFWC in 2003 and is a professional photographer, as well.  She has traveled extensively and been recognized in several competitions for her work. Melissa is a vibrant, enthusiastic member of the team and loves serving all the families that are part of the office!